10 Mobile security issues that should worry you!

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The security issues associated with mobile devices is nothing short of scary despite the massive successes that have been experienced in the mobile industry. According to some researchers, mobile security will be the greatest concern in 2014, in the work environment and that there are mobile security loopholes waiting to be exploited by malicious fellows.

Many of these are obvious, but we like to provide our awesome readers with friendly reminders, because who knows what is out there!

Here is a list of ten most important security issues you should worry about:

  • 1. Beware of apps:

Apps are far from being secure. With a plethora of apps available in the market, it is difficult to choose the safest among them, especially now that the developers won’t readily admit to security issues associated with their apps.

  • 2. Communication:

Hackers target users directly through communication channels such as SMS, email, phone calls and so on. Be wary of people encouraging you to click something or reveal some information.

  • 3. Data Theft:

Enterprises will experience greater risks of data theft in 2014 than ever before as a result of employee malice or negligence. Beware of such cloud apps as Google drive, Dropbox, etc.

  • 4. Hardware damage and theft:

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Please don’t forget that the devices usually get damaged or stolen. You would think that dropping your phone wouldn’t shatter the screen to pieces, but it happens more often than you’d think!

  • 5. Jailbreaking:

Some devices allow users to run unverified apps/software. This can present an opportunity for attackers and hackers to infiltrate your systems.

  • 6. Biometric Security:

Biometric security is becoming a popular means through which employees are given access to their computers. But this can be a serious challenge to the IT staff to gain access to those devices to enhance security.

  • 7. Malware:

Malware will always be a security issue as long as the Internet exists. Arm yourself with updated antivirus software.

  • 8. Ecommerce risks:

There is a significant risk that comes with online money transactions. If you are not careful, you might end up revealing your credit card details to the wrong person. Don’t allow anyone to steal your private and financial information.

  • 9. The government:

Government tracking

The government is threatening to keep an eye on your online activities. But isn’t the government composed of human beings, some, with personal agendas?

  • 10. Hackers:

Yes, Hackers are here to stay, and nothing can be done about it. Just ensure you don’t give them an opportunity to be your guest. Just be careful with your information!

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