10 Things you can do with your iPhone earpods

The iPhone headphones with remote have been around for a long time now. But did you know that you can do a more than just adjust your volume with them?


There are a whole host of useful fuctions you can perform with the all-white headphones. Infact, any pair of headphones with a remote can be used to perform the following fuctions


Music Controls

1. You can play or pause your music by clicking the center button once.

2. To skip to the next song, double click the center button.

3. To fast forward a song, click the center button two times and long-press the second click

4. To rewind a song, click the center button three times and long-press the third click

5. To repeat the previous song, triple click the center button.


Voice Call Controls

1. To answer an incoming call – click the center button once. Click again to hang up.

2. To ignore an incoming call – long press the center button. You will hear two beeps to confirm.

3. To answer a second call while you are on the phone, click the center button once to switch calls. Hold the center button down for 2 seconds to end the new call and go back to the old call.


Bonus Controls

1. Open Siri by long pressing the center button.

2. With the camera app open, click the volume up button on your remote to take a photo.

Do you know any more controls that we have missed out on? Let us know in the comments!

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