10 Things You Need To Know About Your New Android Wear Device

1. You will need an Android phone running Android 4.3 or higher and one that has Bluetooth for your Android Wear device to sync with your mobile device.

2. They will come with a tutorial that will walk you through the functionality of your new Android Wear device.

3. You have to speak to it to get things done. It has no on screen keyboard – which would be useless at that size anyway. The Android Wear devices use a series of gestures for navigating around and will automatically display text messages and notifications. You can disable app specific notifications from your mobile phone.

4. There are already a handful of apps for your Android Wear device in the App store. Paid apps are not working yet, but rumors are that they will be up and running in the next few weeks. Apps are downloaded through the Google Play store on your phone, and they are automatically loaded onto your Android Wear device.

5. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We have only seen two models released so far, both of which are square/rectangular – but Motorola has announced that its circular Moto 360 is coming in September. So you will have a  choice of square or circular to choose from for now.

6. Do not expect it to last all week, or even half a week. Reports so far indicate that the battery life on the new Android Wear devices are atrociously bad, usually requiring a charge every night.

7. You can answer phone calls with it but you will not hear your call, since it does not have a speaker and you cannot talk into the watch. It has a microphone but it only transcribes what you say into text. If you answer the call with your Android Wear device, you will need headphones to listen and talk, or will have to pull out your phone to take it like a normal call.

8. You can get custom watch straps if you’re not a fan of the rubbery straps that come with your new Android Wear smartwatch. They use the same connectors as regular watches and removing and replacing with a different strap is actually quite easy.

9. You can use it as a step tracker. If you don’t use a dedicated fitness tracker, both new Android Wear devices come with an excellent step tracker that automatically tracks your steps throughout the day and even shows you a seven day history. It comes default with a 10,000 steps daily goal, but that can be adjusted according to preference.

10. This one is for everyone who does NOT have a new Android Wear device. Should you buy one? Probably not. There are only 2 models out and it is the first generation of a new OS – wait till they iron out the bugs and glitches. The Moto 360 comes out in September and so far it looks like its worth waiting for, or even wait till the next wave of Android Wear devices come out.

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