After 11 Years of Research, There Is No Evidence That Mobile Devices Cause Cancer

For a long time, there has been a widespread internet rumor that just spending a few minutes a day with mobile phones causes cancer. An article published in Express on July 2013 claimed that heavy users of mobile phones tend to experience higher oxidative stress in their body, and this is a major risk factor for cancer.

However, evidence now indicates that it is unlikely that mobile phones increase the risk of cancer. Cancer Research, UK, has produced new evidence to show that mobile phones do not increase the risk for cancer among adults. A study comprising of 790,000 women found that there is no link between the 18 different types of cancer and usage of mobile phones.

Increased mobile phone usage

Moreover, a Danish study involving 420,000 people found absolutely no link between mobile phones and any type of cancer. This includes brain tumors, leukemia and acoustic neuroma. Another report also indicates that the majority of people with brain cancer from various countries have no link with mobile phones.

There are some studies that have suggested that brain cancer patients are more likely to have tumors to the side where they usually hold their cell phones. But it again notes that the overall risk of brain cancers among these individuals is not higher. Perhaps the reason why brain cancer patients are likely to say that they have tumors on the side they hold their cell phone is because they may not be able to recall accurately and bias. Thus, their answers may be biased because they think mobile phones could have contributed to the cancer if they have heard that there is a link between mobile phones and cancer in the past.

Another reason why mobile phones may not be responsible for brain cancer is because the number of people with brain cancer has not changed much despite the fact that the use of mobile phones has increased exponentially since the 1990s.

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