3 Best Cat Apps for Your Inner Cat Lady

The internet is literally full of cats. A cat haven for cat lovers.

In fact, a study published on June 12th by assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick at Indiana University surveyed almost 7,000 people about their cat video viewing habits and how it affects their moods. The study found that people who watch cat videos feel more energetic and positive after a good dose of internet cats.

That’s right: the time people spent giving 26 billion views to over 2 million cat videos on YouTube is actually good for their health.

Cat lovers, rejoice! Now, take it from videos to cat apps. Believe us, these adorable apps will definitely improve your mood (although we don’t have those nifty academic stats).

ねこあつめ, or Neko Atsume, or Collecting Cats

Neko Atsume Motherboard

The game is entirely in Japanese, but cat lovers from all over have completely fallen in love with the game. You use fish as a way to collect cats, who wander about the patio. As you collect more cats and more fish to lure more cats, you unlock more parts of the house (and fancy, rare cats!). It a little bit like Tamagotchi, but since the cats don’t die if you neglect them, less emotionally fraught.

This handy guide shows how to attract the rare cats and provides translations of the menus. We found that the game is actually quite intuitive, so even if you don’t knowJapanese at all and can’t be bothered to look it up, you can still play and obsess over all the cute little cats that come into your yard.

On iOS and Android.


Cats All Over

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.03.32 PM

In this adorable puzzle game, you race against the clock and win when you get the frisky pink kittens to fall asleep (they turn blue and calm when they are catching zzz’s). It is a totally simple game but perfect to zone out to. It is on iOS. An Android alternative is Wake the Cat, which admittedly has much better graphics and more variety of puzzles to solve — but still involves an adorable sleepy cat who has to be woken up!


MewMew Tower

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.09.33 PM

In the developers own words, this app “is a game of stacking many, many cats on top of one-another to form a tower of cats high into the sky.” From black and white chubby cats to tiny orange kittens, this game has a variety of cats to keep the cuteness factor high. It’s also just a hilarious game to compete with friends to see how many cats you can stack. It’s the Jenga of mobile cat apps, and we love it.

For iOS.

Let us know how and where you get your cat fix — and if these games will make it onto your phone or not!

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