5 Best Apps To Help You Look Fit

Jogging has already become a mass sports among the urban population. Mobile software developers couldn’t pass by such a popular phenomenon, so they created sports GPS-trackers – intelligent applications for smartphones, that help you improve the quality of training and motivate people for further achievements in sports.

We’ve chosen the top 5 sports GPS-trackers based on the ratings of applications popularity in Google Play store. Each of them will help you look fit and stay healthy. Just check them and choose the perfect one for yourself.

Sports Tracker

Apps to look fit Sports Tracker Apps to look fit Sports TrackerAnother popular sports tracker is Sports Tracker. It is available not only for Android. There are versions for iOS and Windows Phone as well. Sports Tracker is able to distinguish more than twelve sports and show statistics for each of them, breaking the distance into segments. Moreover, after every 500 meters of your running you will hear sound provided calculations with general information about the time interval. After the end of the run, its details will be available at the application website, with a color display of speed on your route.

You can create a new account at Sports Tracker website, or use your Facebook account data to enter it. By the way, you will be able to see the results of all your friends, registered at this program as well.

Adidas miCoach

Best Fitness Apps Adidas MiCoach

Best Fitness Apps Adidas MiCoachAdidas miCoach is the application of Adidas company, originally created to analyze running. Its features include distance statistics, calories and speed, audio prompts, and the ability to schedule workouts. Modes include a free jog and “track”, which complexity varies depending on the level of training you specified. However, the main advantage of miCoach is a calendar of training that allows you to work with it as well as you do this with Google Calendar application. By the way, miCoach can send all scheduled workouts to a phone, so, you will not be able to forget about your evening training.


Top 5 Fitness Apps RunKeeper Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.25.56 PM

Google Play has many applications to assist any kind of sports and fitness level. However, if you are a beginner, the most suitable option for you would be Runkeeper. The application is created for runners: the emphasis is on the trails, slopes and team races. In addition, Runkeeper is equipped with training systems, that help you avoid all beginners’ typical mistakes and make jogging more fruitful.

Runkeeper is well integrated with social networks, allowing you to share your achievements, compare them with the records of your friends, and motivate your sports progress. This app requires registration, or you can reach it through your Facebook account.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker Fitness AppEndomondo Sports Tracker Fitness App

Endomondo is a cross-platform application designed to trace your training data. Among its features it’s easy to find the length of counters and high speed runs, distance, and calories burned, audio supplies, and several modes of training. As well as most sport-trackers, Endomondo’s system of your achievements has a competitive nature: you can compete with your own records, records of your friends, and the best achievements of the route (Endomondo stores them in the form of traces). In addition, it is possible to include a countdown to the application stopwatch.


Top 5 Fitness Apps Runtastic Top 5 Fitness Apps Runtastic

Runtastic can count distance, time, speed and calories burned. Its fundamental difference from Runkeeper is tracking your movements in three dimensions with a height precise readout, allowing to choose the complexity of your distance. All the information is gathered to colorful graphics, which can be published at your Facebook whenever you want.

Runtastic PRO-version can boast with a lack of advertising, the availability of voice communications, weather reports, and work with Google Earth. Moreover, Runtastic has a multiplatform concept: in addition to iOS and Android, the program supports Windows, Blackberry and Bada, so, it will definitely become friends with all your mobile devices.

So, here they are – top 5 application that can help you become fit and healthy. If you are a big fan of different gadgets, techs, and applications, this list will definitely help you choose the best one for your device. Make your fitness be a really exciting process, and your smartphone – a really cool gadget. Do you use any of these applications? What are your thoughts about them?


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