Google Reveals Revised Version of the Chromebook, Brands it the Pixel

Google announced yesterday the launch of its new laptop the “Pixel.” The Pixel is a new and improved (and more expensive) version of Google’s Chromebook laptop.  For those of you who dont know, the Chromebook was introduced last fall as an “inexpensive extra device for the home.” Clearly, that is not the goal of the new laptop, which starts at a whopping $13,00.  The Pixel/Chromebook is unique in that it includes no hardrive and comes sans Windows; thus all computing must be done via the internet or cellular data.


The biggest critique given to the laptop last fall, and what continues to remain the biggest critique is that in the absence of wi-fi or cell service the laptop is rendered completely useless. It becomes no more useful than an oddly-shaped paper weight. Both the Chrombook and the Pixel have, however, been praised for their sleek and simple design. A more thorough description of the new Pixel is given by The New York Times here:

Additionally, a thorough review of the Chromebook is given by The New York Times here:


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