A Look Back at Some Mobile Industry Logos

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.


Sprint’s logo was the black and red number on the bottom left until 2005 when it merged with Nextel Communications. With the merger their logo to changed to the one we now know. The yellow symbol has been interpreted as a bird’s wing, or the motion of a pin drop.



A well-known logo transformation the apple bite logo came around in 1976 only about a year after the “Newton tree” logo was released. Apple discontinued the rainbow colors in 1998 with the rollout of the new iMac. The logo has been since monochromatic with only slight changes. Today’s logo is said to be a monochromatic glass apple.



The Motorola logo we all generally know has been around for a while. Motorola had its first big change(and not even that big comparably) in late 2012 when it was acquired by Google.



AT&T began as the Southwestern Bell Corporation in 1983 under the parent company American Telephone and Telegraph Company(AT&T for short who knew..).  From 1969 to 1983 AT&T sported the bell logo designed by noted graphic designer Saul Bass. The logo changed from the bell to the globe in 1996. Due to a lawsuit and a bunch of other hullabaloo in 2005 SNC Communications purchased the former AT&T corp and modified the logo into the one it is now.



The original two logos were used from 1958 until 1979 by The Samsung Group. From 1980 to 1992 Samsung electronics used the small red star logo. In 1993 Samsung was away ahead of it’s time in my opinion as their current logo has been in use and remained modern since then.


Microsofts well known italic logo with the slash between the o and the s was introduced in 1987. This logo was “retired” in 2012 and the current one was introduced. The current logo, though very different from the previous logo, used element’s of Microsoft’s Window’s “window” logo. 



Nokia’s fish logo was not surprisingly introduced way back in 1865. More surprisingly, it was used up until 1967. In 1967 Nokia changed its logo to the “arrows” logo on the bottom left.  In 1992 Nokia changed its logo to incorporate their new slogan Connecting People. Nokia redesigned their logo just slightly in 2006, changing the font of “Connecting People”. Nokia never officially dropped the Connecting People but it seems to have vanished from most of its branding. 

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