A week later and Apple is still feeling insecure



Give it a rest Apple

Following on from last week’s ultra desperate email to millions of iPhone users, Apple is back again with yet another reminder about how much you should love your iPhone.

Apparently last week they said they had 8 JD Power awards for customer blah blah. They must have received another one making the total now 9.


Is that it

Deary me Apple.

I am beginning to really feel a bit stupid being subjected to this campaign straight out of some 1980s marketing manual.

Since when did Apple have to repeatedly email me to remind me how good their products are

This is significantly worrying. Why do they feel the need to do this In days gone by they were able to let the product do the talking.

Now, obviously, they don’t feel as confident about their market position.

The fact that they’re having to email me to remind me is damaging my perspective of both their brand and the product experience.

Not good at all. I will be surprised if its not down hill from here on in. Apple must know something we don’t (or didn’t) — that they’ve nothing else left in the tank, apart from a couple of hundred billion dollars (that they can’t think what to do with other than give back to their shareholders).

I’d like to be surprised by Apple. I wonder if those days are well and truly behind us

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