Best alcohol home delivery apps!

Looking for a fun, alcohol-filled weekend this Fourth of July? Don’t want to hop in the car or walk to the liquor store? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then download one or all of these alcohol home delivery apps. Keep in mind, though, that these apps only deliver in relatively large, urban cities. Let’s have a great time this weekend (and all weekends!) by not making any trips to the liquor store and having alcohol miraculously appear on our stoops!

Explore the top five alcohol home delivery apps below!

Thirstie Now — 4 1/2 stars based on 83 reviews

alcohol home delivery

With an easy-to-navigate, sleek design, Thirstie Now allows customers to quickly choose between the best wines, beers, and spirits, while having them delivered to the home within two hours.

Delivers in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Toronto

Tipsy — 4 1/2 stars based on 45 reviews

alcohol home delivery

With a map component,¬†Tipsy¬†allows customers to track the status of their order. Tipsy will deliver to your current location (you don’t have to be at home!) and guarantees that the alcohol will be there within 30 minutes!

Delivers in surrounding areas of Los Angeles

Minibar — 4 stars based on 401 ratings

alcohol home delivery

Similar to Thistie Now, Minibar will deliver to your home. Nevertheless, Minibar markets itself as faster and guarantees that your alcohol will be delivered within 30-60 minutes. Additionally, it has a more expansive list of cities in which it delivers!

Delivers in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, LA, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Indianapolis, Fremont, and Washington, D.C.

SWILL — 4 1/2 stars based on 43 reviews

alcohol home delivery

Similar to Tipsy, SWILL allows customers to track their orders with a map!

Delivers in New York City, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Buffalo, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New Jersey

Drizly — 3 1/2 stars based on 370 reviews

alcohol home delivery

With the least amount of stars of all the apps, Drizly differentiates itself by offering delivery in smaller cities, such as Providence, Tampa, and Worcester. The app offers delivery in an hour or less.

Delivers in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneaspolic, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Providence, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, D.C., Worcester, Edmonton, and Nashville

Saucey — 4 stars based on 391 reviews

alcohol home delivery

Different from all of the other alcohol home delivery apps listed above, Saucey provides its own couriers who are trained and certified by Saucey. Additionally, Saucey markets itself as having the fastest delivery time (20-40 minutes)!

Delivers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Chicago


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