Amazon Echo Dot: a Smaller, More Affordable Echo


As if owning a smartphone doesn’t make things easy enough, voice control systems are becoming more and more popular. Amazon Echo Dot offers Siri-like voice controls, but from a powerful, independent, bluetooth speaker. The original Amazon Echo costs just about $130, but today Amazon released a smaller, more affordable version at $90 to compliment the original. Early adopters may already have their hands on the original Echo, and jump at the chance to have an Echo Dot for more rooms. However, Dot can also be the perfect introduction for people unsure of its practicality.


Benefits of Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot provides a compact solution for people looking for device-free assistance. Alexa voice service can play your favorite song, act as your alarm, offer weather updates, control smart home devices, call an Uber, and stream music. Newer features include local Yelp searches, Google Calendar look ups, and text to speech Kindle readings. Simply wake up your Amazon Echo Dot by setting a control word: either Amazon, Alexa or Echo. But when not in use, the small device can sit quietly and subtly on any shelf, desk or table surface.


However, it takes a certain person to get the most out of Echo or Echo Dot. Ideally, the user should already be relatively tech friendly. People that own Philips HUE lighting or use Garageio may get the most out of the Echo features. While Echo Dot is marketed as an additional service to Echo, for multiple rooms (think bedrooms and kitchen), Echo Dot can be an introduction to Echo for many new users.


That being said, Echo Dot can be a great follow up gift to other techy presents. Let’s say you’ve tried to get a parent, friend or sibling into the latest tech inventions. And yet, they haven’t quite figured out the real use of it and return to their old habits. Well, Echo Dot takes every smart-object or mobile app one step further. With a simple set up, gifting Amazon Echo Dot can be a fun excitement to make any person excited about innovation. When things become voice controlled, it’s more accessible to use.

Jacquelyn Tanner

Jacquelyn Tanner

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