Android, iOS or Windows: Which Mobile OS Is Right For You?

Over the past several years, the mobile-device industry has grown into such a monstrosity that it is fast overtaking the traditional desktop market, in terms of overall internet access and activity. This is due primarily to the surge in power of mobile devices, as well as fast, solid connection speeds over data networks.

As in the early years of the desktop, a fight is on between the top mobile OS manufacturers, which is designed to appoint a clear victor in this arena. The top contenders, iOS, Android and Windows, are all considered first choices by many different industry players. This gives rise to the important question of not only which is the best, but which is the best for YOU. Each OS has different attributes, making them a perfect choice for some, but less so for others.

Let’s take a look each contender and see which fills out your requirements perfectly!

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One of the most defining characteristics of the Android operating system is the amount of customization you can do to it. This extends to the entire outlook of the phone, including background, widgets and icons. Android also has over one million different apps that can be used with it, which can be downloaded from Google Play or directly from the publisher. If you want a mobile experience tailored especially to you, Android is the top choice.


Apple’s iOS was one of the first mobile OS’ to hit the scene, launching in 2007 on the iPhone. The primary drive behind using iOS is that it is needed in order to use any of Apple’s mobile devices. Apple makes some of the best phones out there, making the draw to iOS a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, the number of apps for iOS is massive, allowing you to perform just about any action on them that you can think of.


While the Windows operating system is the most venerable of the desktop OS’, Windows’ mobile version is the newcomer to the party. Windows Phone scored similarly to both iOS and Android in the performance category; however, its app count is much lower than what you would find with the other two choices. Unless you are addicted to the Windows operating system in general, you will probably have a better experience either with Android or iOS.

Which mobile OS is your favorite? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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