Android OS Overwhelming? Helpouts On The Way!

For all those who have problems with Windows PC or Android app or OS – Helpout is here. Helpouts is a video chat service introduced by Google, built on the interface and servers of Hangouts. This is a chat based help out zone and is designed specifically for users to connect with experts and learn in their respective field. You can access the videos from the web or the Android app.

Google Helpouts service

The Google Helpouts service features around 1,000 partners who offer a broad range of expertise in many topics. They are available live on video consultations. The whole idea is that all those who want can set up an account with their set of skills, expertise qualifications, availability and rates. And all those who need any kind of help will be connected to the right expert. And since you will be getting advice and help from individuals and companies that are presumably experts, you’ll have to pay them for their time, either on a minute-by-minute basis or in a session fee. But Google made it clear that if the experience doesn’t meet your expectations, there is a full money back guarantee.

Reuters reported that Helpouts is a service that lets consumers pay for live video chats with experts who can provide everything from step-by-step turkey cooking instructions to marriage counseling. The Google Helpouts service features roughly 1,000 partners in fashion, fitness, computers and other topics, available for live, one-on-one video consultations. The video sessions can be as short as a few minutes or can last several hours, depending on the topic, with pricing set by each individual provider.

Real help from real people

“Most of the world’s useful information still resides in people’s heads,” Udi Manber, Vice President of engineering at Google said at a small briefing with reporters in San Francisco on Monday. Helpouts “opens the door to that information as well.”

And the best news is that Helpouts will work with desktops, Android, and iOS.

By David Pate, G+ profile.

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