Android takes over the Smartphone Market

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

We recently wrote on the constant battle between Android and Apple ranging from “My phone’s prettier than yours” too “Well my camera’s better than yours”. Well today, the Android users will be walking around proud and smug, as Android secures 80% of the worldwide Smartphone market for Q2 2013. Strategy Analytics Senior Analyst, Scott Bicheno credits Androids success to the “strong demand for Android models across all price-tiers in developed and developing markets, such as the US, China and Brazil.”

Ramon Llamas, Research Manager at IDC is confident that Apple will be able to recapture the market when the iPhone 5S/6 and new operating system are launched later this year, stating that the decline in iOS aligns with the “cyclicality of iPhone”.

With September approaching, the rumor’s on Apple’s next big announcement include a cheaper iPhone range and a triple lens camera.


Android may have won this battle, but who will win the war?


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