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If you’re not an organized and structured person, and you have a lot to do during the day, it can create chaos and stress in your life! But why make it difficult when there’s an app like that helps you organize your day? Forget the stress, just run through your tasks one at a time and see how much stress that can relieve.

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“We live in exciting times. Our day-to-day is filled with more possibility and promise than ever before, and we simply experience more life in every moment.”‘s mission is to make peoples’ lives easier by creating this fun agenda-app and giving people the opportunity to experience life to the fullest by not missing one moment of it. Through easy manageable calendars, notes, tasks and emails, you don’t have to worry anymore about missing out on something (or someone).


So what makes this ‘to-do’ app different from all the other similar ones?, the award-winning app, makes planning your day actually fun and easy, don’t believe us? Check out the video below! enables you to synchronize your entire calendar onto your laptop/desktop through Chrome. The Chrome extensions also works seamlessly with Gmail. This app will be your new personal assistant: with reminders you will be more productive than you’ve ever been before!¬† is available for Android and iOs.

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