App To Look For: Splitwise

Splitting the cost of rent, owing someone money or knowing that some people still owe you can be all very confusing. Splitwise is an app that keeps everything simply organized for you.

The app gives you an overview of how much you owe people and how much people owe you. It also keeps track of the total amount of how much you owe people ( or vice versa). When you decide to pay, it makes it easier to have an overview of the total amount.

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No need to confuse everything anymore. Splitwise displays the date of when payments have been made, the day you lent someone money and the day you lent money from someone. To make payments even easier for you, the app sends you reminders when you have forgotten to pay your friends back or when payment check are overdue.

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Sharing costs for the rent, group vacations, dinners and other things has never been so easy! Click here to get the app for iOs or click here for the Android version.

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