App To Look For: Ultravisual

Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and SnapChat are taking the social media world by storm. It’s all about visuals from 2013 into 2014. Thankfully, apps provide some wiggle room and creativity in these networks. For example, there are many photo editing apps for Instagram. One of these apps is Ultravisual.

Ultravisual is a beautiful visual publishing tool that lets you create, curate and share collections of photos and videos. This app is New York City born and raised!


Key Features:

– Easily create and publish to multiple collections around any theme you choose.

– Invite others to collaborate on collections.

– Follow collections from friends, creators and artists around the world.

– Search by tags and users, and follow search results as dynamic collections.

– A beautiful, minimal presentation of visual content.

– Quick and fluid playback of video in collections as you scroll through.

– Elegant typography that matches colors from images, so your titles and captions aesthetically compliment your posts.

– Shoot photos and video seamlessly in the camera with simple gestural control.

– Swipe to filter in real-time, drag around the camera to adjust and tune filters.

– Import imagery from your Instagram account, or the web via bookmarklet.

– Edit, trim, re-order your videos in realtime in a simple, drag-and-drop editor.





Here is a tutorial from Ultravisual about creating your first photo collection, found on their Tumblr.


How to Make Your First Collection

Collections are how posts are organized in Ultravisual. Every photo, video, or GIF lives in one or many Collections. They can belong to you alone or be a collaborative effort. The best way to get started is to make one!

FIRST, tap on anything you see in your feed that you like. You’ll find a re-share icon in the upper right corner

When you re-share, you can tap the “New Collection” (+) to create one. Since you like the image you’re re-sharing, you could call your new Collection, “Likes” or “OMG, THE BEST” (or, whatever you want).

THEN, if you want to make a collection with original content, tap the bottom navigation bar and visit the Editor. You can import photos or videos from your camera roll by tapping the top.

If you want to shoot original content, tap the bottom navigation bar to find UV’s Camera. Tap the button to take photos, hold down for videos, and swipe the screen for filters.


When you’re done, hit the image preview button next to the camera trigger.

In the Editor’s detail view you can rearrange photos by dragging and dropping, edit video clips, and add captions.
If you want to see all your media together, tap the icon in the upper right corner to return to the Editor.

Drag and drop clips to arrange them together. Swipe left to delete ones you don’t want. When you’re ready to share, swipe one clip to the right, or a group altogether.

Post your pic or video in a new collection by tapping the “New Collection” button. Give your Collection a name and a description, feel free to get fancy!


Then, tap on the name of the Collection you’ve just created and hit “Publish”


And that’s it! You can find all your new Collections in your user profile.

Tell us about your newest Collection on Twitter (@Ultravisualapp), we want to know!


Follow on twitter @ultravisualapp or visit for more! Ultravisual requires iOS 7 or later.

By David Pate, G+ profile.

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