App to look for, Carrot to-do list

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

This app is bloody fan-tas-tic. I downloaded Carrot a bit skeptical. My thoughts were, why would you need an app to create a to-do list? It is easy enough to write down what I need to do on the notepad wouldn’t an app just make the process more tedious? My skepticism was quickly banished. Here is a quick description of the app via;

App-to-look-for-carrot-to-do-list App-to-look-for-carrot-to-do-list“Meet Carrot, the getting things done app with an attitude. If you’re good and you actually do the things you add to its list, you’ll be rewarded. But if you don’t … actually, things get much more fun if you don’t. Carrot has two personalities. The happy Carrot takes joy in seeing you succeed, and showers you with praise for completing tasks. The angry Carrot hates you simply because you exist, and only takes joy in showering you with insults and petty sideswipes. I’m not sure which personality I like more.

At its core, Carrot is a minimal to-do list for iOS. Swipe down to add a new item. Swipe right to remove it (and win points!). Swipe left to access the settings and options. That’s about it. There’s no iCloud sync, no list sharing or checkboxes or extras of any sort. You can’t even edit items you’ve created. It’s just a simple list with relationship issues.Another nice touch lies in a couple of command-line style features. In the text entry box you can type “Carrot I’m bored,” and Carrot will add a ridiculous item to your list. Or you can type “Carrot reset” to, well, reset everything.”

The “personality” is really what makes the app. Carrot is extremely funny, honest, and borderline inappropriate. It is hard to explain without giving some of the app away, but I find myself wanting to add tasks just so I can finish them and gain points. Not only is gaining points and virtual gifts strangely rewarding, but I look forward to Carrots’ witty responses.  The app is $1.99 in the App Store but if you are someone who likes to keep to-do lists it is totallyyyyy worth it!

App-to-look-for-Carrot-to-do-list App-to-look-for-Carrot-to-do-list App-to-look-for-Carrot-to-do-list App-to-look-for-Carrot-to-do-list



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