App To Look For: Dots Game

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

app-to-look-for-dots-gameDots, the game is available on both Android and iPhone and has a tablet version. Dots has your standard connect-the-dots, Bejeweled, or  Candy Crush concept. You know, you line up or connect certain objects so that they “poof” away and gain points. I have steered completely clear of Candy Crush because of bad memories from when I lost my soul to Scramble With Friends, however I think dots is a simpler and prettier version of the now famous candy game. app-to-look-for-dots-game app-to-look-for-dots-game

Dots wins you over in its simplicity, elegance, aesthetics and user interface. It is definitely the most visually pleasing game you will ever play. Not to mention it has equally pleasing sound effects. Dots is a fun time-waster or brain-distracter but it is not one of those cut throat addictive games( for better or worse).

Dots is good in that it doesn’t consume your life(okay I get overly invested in iPhone games), however I do think it could stand for adding some sort of level-esque system. Dots offer’s you “trophies” for passing various milestones such as playing 10 rounds, but these trophies are not substitutes for points or levels. Of course, the game tracks your scores so you can always aim to beat your highest score, but without the ability to beat the game or others you may end up forgetting its on your phone.

Nonetheless dots is free and definitely worth a download, if only to see the nice-by-not-trying-to-hard-interface(it is called Dots for christ sake).

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