App To Look for: The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Mobile AppThis weeks app to look for is The Huffington Post mobile newspaper. The first newspaper to be made only for the internet should have no problem keeping up with the latest technology trends. Such is sort of the case with the Huffington Post. For a while, the newspaper had a standard to mediocre app, but a semi-recent update brought us an app completely transformed. A number of news sites have been switching over to the Flipboard App style of displaying information. Like Flipboard the Huffington Post’s app has a fluid home page with a continuous scroll. Big pictures with headlines preview the articles, and the Section can be changed simply by swiping left or right. When an article is clicked the app quickly transfers you to the article page. On the article page you can swipe left or right for the most recent articles of that section. The top menu is always there and easy to find if you would like to switch Sections.

Huffington Post Mobile App 1 Huffington Post Mobile App 2 Huffington Post Mobile App 3

In addition, the Huffington Post app  has a nice feature that allows you to choose your favorite topics, and these are what your homepage is compiled of. Lastly you can bookmark articles that you plan on reading later. The App has a relatively fast load time and uses minimal data.

The app has a 3.6/4 rating on The Google Play Store, with most of the complaints being about glitches and the “pain of having to log in.” Though nothing super special, the app is good for casual news perusal.


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By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

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