Apple failed releasing U2 new album

If you have an iPhone you should have noticed that the new U2 album is available in your phone for you to hear it! Yes, it is already on your phone.


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During the launch of the new generation of iPhones, Apple did something really innovative: they re-launched the U2 band putting all the songs of their new album “Songs of Innocence”  on every iPhone in the world.

Apple might have thought about “it’s free, so everyone will want it”, but it turned out the other way around.

They forgot about the intimacy connection that people have with music, about people who are really into music and wont like to have in their own libraries songs from U2. If you are into country music, why would you like to have U2 songs in your phone, even if they are free?

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The solution? They created an opt-out website so iPhone users can remove the songs from their accounts.

Next time they will probably do an opt-in option instead of “obliging” everyone to have an U2 album in their phones.

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