Apple Offers Free Recycling of Its Products World Wide on World’s Earth Day

In a bid to ensure that its products and services don’t affect the environment in a negative way, Apple decided to offer free recycling services for all its products globally across all its stores on the World’s Earth Day.

Apple even included third-party products like PCs and mobile phones in some countries. The company announced on its website that all the company’s retail stores will collect unusable Apple products for “free, responsible recycling.”

Recycle your Apple product

Apple’s spokesman confirmed that the program will be worldwide and that gift cards will be offered for any product that will be found usable. The gift card can be used to purchase new products at Apple’s stores (both online and physical stores). However, if the product is unusable, Apple will recycle it free of charge.

The company also announced that it has set up other recycling programs in colleges and cities in 95% of countries where its stores are located. Meanwhile, Apple has also extended the service to other vendors. Since 1994, Apple has managed to collect about 191 million kilograms around the world.

Apple to Go Green with recycling program

Unlike the previous programs, Apple has included Apple batteries besides mobile phones and PCs. However, there are restrictions to the number of computers that a given store can collect.

Various contractors were signed up with Apple to assist in the process of administering and managing the free recycling program. For instance, in China as well as other Asian markets, Li Tong Group was contracted to recycle the used products.

Apple Vice president of environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, said that Apple believes in being accountable for every product it creates. The company also updated its website to include its environmental initiative. For example, it announced that each of the company’s data centers is powered by clean sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.

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