Apple: “The following text outlines why you love your iPhone 5″

For the avoidance of doubt, the following text outlines why you love your iPhone 5. Feel free to print this text for further consultation. Your iPhone will periodically prompt you with test questions based on the following text.

Heh. I felt that text like that quote I made up above should have been included at the top of the infamous “here’s why you love your iPhone” email.

I’m pleased it wasn’t just me that thought Apple’s email to the millions of iPhone 5 readers was appalling in so many different ways.

But this is what makes the mobile industry so exciting.

Just as we were all asking ourselves what the hell was wrong with Nokia when we could all plainly see the challenges (and in many cases, the exact sources and the methodology to fix), when Nokia itself couldn’t seem to manage, we’re now seeing this with Apple.

Check out this perspective written by The Week’s Marc Ambinder (“Apple explains why you should love Apple“). Here’s a quote:

So apparently, according to Apple, I should love my phone and not even think about switching to the other guy. But the thing is: As great as the iPhone is, maybe I don’t love is as much as I’m told to.


And you know, when you have to actually TELL me that I should love my iPhone, there’s a problem right there Apple.

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