Apple TV Versus Chromecast

Directly streaming online videos from a notebook or tablet to a big TV screen is the latest in demand stuff and keeping this demand of consumers in mind, various tech companies have tried to introduce such gadgets that will help users enjoy favorite online media files on their TVs. And, two of the most well-known gadgets that have become popular across the globe are Apple TV and the recently launched Chromecast – a USB-sized device that plugs directly into the television’s HDMI port to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Now let’s find out what are these two devices all about as Chromecast priced at $35 is threatening and giving a tough competition to the rival Apple TV’s efforts to gain a substantial foothold in the market which is priced at $100.

Both Apple TV and Chromecast allow customers to stream videos from their mobile devices, using their Smartphone’s or tablets as remote controls. But with Apple TV, in order to stream in the content you need a Mac computer or an iOS operated devices. But Chromecast supports all Chrome platforms, iOS and Android.

Online video streaming

The positive side is that the Apple TV offers a numerous option when it comes to supported applications than the Google Chromecast. Presently, Chromecast only supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies and TV. But since Apple TV can stream all the contents of your iOS mobile, the number of apps that are accessible is immense. Apps like Watch, MLB, ESPN, and NBA Game Time come freely supported. Chromecast too offers an extension for download, lets the user stream in all the content from their PC using the Google Chrome browser, but the video quality gets a little compromised.

Who will actually win the living room war is hard, and it is well known that the Chromecast has its limits, but all the shortcomings will evaporate as additional apps join the fold. At only $35, Chromecast is a stunning addition to the common area multimedia center.

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