Apps to Help Save the Environment

USA Today announced that the world has already used one year’s worth of Earth’s resources by August 13. This fact speaks volumes about our treatment toward Mother Nature. However it also attests to our consumer habits. As a consumer society there’s a reliance on bought goods: like eating out and ordering Starbucks, but also having the newest gadget when your old one is working just fine. With these habits, we hurt our environment. It puts a stress on resources that we can’t afford to waste. Below are some apps, both conventional and unconventional, that were designed as apps to help save the environment.


Yerdle AppYerdle

Yerdle may seem like another eBay or Amazon Marketplace, but it differs in it’s mission. Yerdle hopes to reduce the number of new things owned by 25 percent. It’s a platform to sell gently used things, and so far 200,000 transfers have been made. By selling goods, you can earn “Yerdle dollars” to put toward buying from other users. Only buyers have to pay for shipping, which is between $4-$6. Yerdle’s 30 day “unshopping challenge” encourages people to sell or find things on Yerdle rather than buying anything new.


Home Composting

This app teaches you how to compost, as well as the benefits behind it. Composting is an easy way to reduce landfill trash. While it’s popular in some parts of the United States, like California, many areas are oblivious to composting. Not only does the app teach you want you can compost, but it also covers how you can reuse your compost— all for free.


Apps to save the environmentEco-Labels

Food labeling is a complex, and often misleading, process. A package with “natural” written may not guarantee the practices you think you’re supporting. If you’re going to pay extra for ethical food, make sure food terms have some validity. For $0.99 you can ensure that your up charges for environmentally and humane friendly practices actually have a positive affect.



Developed by the University of Georgia Faculty of Engineering, WeRecylce aims to make recycling more accessible. The app can help users find nearby trash and recycle bins, locate trash and recycle bins at large events (concerts, sporting events), report a need for trash and recycle bins at a particular location. By sharing this information on where to find the appropriate disposal point, WeRecycle acts as a partner to reduce littering and enhance recycling efforts.


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