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No More Drunk Dialing, an App

Screen Shot 2013 04 26 at 2.58.49 PM

I know more than a few of you out there have fantasized about an app that could stop you from sending those god awful late night texts. Well, alas, there is. The app is called Drunk Mode and it has just been approved by Apple Inc. An excerpt from the of the University of Virginia explains nicely how it works:

Chipotle’s Long Awaited App Update Rocks!

Screen Shot 2013 04 17 at 11.54.18 AM

The most important trait, however, that Google and Chipotle share, is that they always seem to be one step ahead of their peers. That being said, let me introduce you to Chipotle’s most recent step forward; it is the revamp of there new app. BRIAN X. CHEN and JENNA WORTHAM explain how the app works best in their article for the NYTimes:

Orange brings Libon to Android, adds picture messaging to iOS version

orange brings libon to android adds picture messaging to ios version antlo 0

As it promised back in November, Libon is crossing the smartphone rubicon and launching on Android, starting today. The Orange-backed WhatsApp and Viber rival brings free calls, messaging and visual voicemail to any handset running Froyo and above. And though iOS users have already had this app, they aren’t being left off this round of

Google Fiber is officially coming to Austin, Texas

google fiber is officially coming to austin texas nsuea 0

  Hear that It’s Austin, being weird enough to add yet another reason to live within its city limits. As rumored, Google Fiber will be rolling down to one of Texas’ most esteemed towns in the near future, joining the Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri metro as the only locales (so far) in the US

GoNo, an Awesome New App for the Indecisive

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GoNo is a social networking application that answers life’s various questions. Connect with your friends or the public to ask and answer questions, then view results updated in real time. Send GoNo’s to your closest friends-or release your GoNo to the public for even more feedback.

Prisma Media Saves 30 percent in 45 Days with Google Apps

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Posted by Franck Barlemont, Director of Information Systems at Prisma MediaEditor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Franck Barlemont, Director of Information Systems at Prisma Media, the second largest magazine publisher in France. See what other organizations that have gone Google have to say. Prisma Media is a French magazine publisher with approximately 20 titles in

Elroy is smarter than your average Bluetooth earbuds

elroy is smarter than your average bluetooth earbuds trlt 0

Tangled earbuds may pass as artwork in Portland(ia), but in real life, they’re nothing short of an irritating mess. Fortunately, that’s where Bluetooth alternatives come into play, and there’s a new set that combines style and intelligent functions. Meet Elroy, the brainchild of Timbuk2’s founder, Rob Honeycutt. Elroy took to Kickstarter this morning, and as

Google Drive suffering from service outage

google drive suffering from service outage srfiv 0

If there’s ever a great time for Google Drive to start having issues, it’s first thing on a Monday morning. We’ve received a not inconsiderable fleet of tips from readers saying that their access to the cloud storage service has been flaky, and similar noises are currently being made all over Twitter. Google’s service website

Google’s Picasa URL now redirecting to Google+ photo albums

googles picasa url now redirecting to google photo albums rnmou 0

In yet another bid to seemingly sunset its Picasa branding, Google’s redirecting Picasa users who head to its direct URL. Hilariously, that redirection is to Google+ web albums, which … well, let’s just say we haven’t been using our G+ photo albums all that much. But perhaps you have, and that’s just capital, given that

Editorial: Countering ID theft requires better awareness campaigns

editorial countering id theft requires better awareness campaigns eapes 0

Evernote’s massive password reset last week was the most recent demonstration of leaky security around consumer locks and keys. Dropbox, LinkedIn, Twitter and others preceded the Evernote action. These anxiety-producing consumer annoyances occur over a backdrop of increased cyber-attack news. Chinese hackers are spotlighted in many recent disruptions, substantiated by Akamai’s report of originating-attack countries

Temple Run: Oz slides its way into App Store ahead of Friday’s flick release

Screen Shot 2013 03 05 at 3.40.04 PM

Imangi Studios, the brains behind the popular endless-runner game Temple Run, is no stranger to movie tie-ins. Just last June, they released Temple Run: Brave which uses content from Disney’s Pixar animated feature film, ‘Brave’. A much-improved sequel to Temple Run hit the App Store in January 2013, quickly becoming the fastest downloaded mobile game in history.

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Posted by Jaime Garcia, IT Corporate Director of the All Inclusive Collection (Cross-posted on the Google Latin America Blog) Editor’s note: We are excited to have guest blogger Jaime Garcia, IT Corporate Director of the All Inclusive Collection with over 5,000 employees at Hard Rock hotels in the Mayan Riviera, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, and Punta

Apple says iOS 6.1 Exchange bug will be zapped in ‘upcoming release’

apple says ios 6 1 exchange bug will be zapped soon

Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Exchange Server have been cronies for quite awhile now, but since iOS 6 there’s been some issues. The latest rift is a version 6.1 recurring calendar event bug that causes “excessive communication” if you respond to an exception error. Cupertino’s identified the problem and says a fix is incoming, though it

Autodesk 123D Creatures lets you create monsters on your iPad

autodesk 123d creatures lets you create monsters on your ipad

Love Spore’s robust creature creator tool Got an iPad Autodesk has something for you. The company’s latest iPad app, Creatures, is a streamlined monster maker — allowing users to create the monstrosity of their dreams with relative ease. Abominations start as a simple stick figure, molded, thickened and textured with a suite of tools and

Google Maps with Street View now live on Nintendo’s Wii U eShop

This morning’s Nintendo Direct was all about the games, specifically those starring the likes of Luigi. But inbetween news of DLC updates, Nintendo’s Bill Tritten made casual mention of Google Maps with Street View availability for North American Wii U owners. To recap, the service — which is free-to-download right now on the eShop —

Photoshop v1.0.1 released free to everyone, including Australians

Our Antipodean chums might be getting a raw deal on modern versions of Photoshop, but at least they can try 1989’s vintage without paying. The Computer History Museum, with Adobe’s permission, has released the source code to version 1.0.1 free to citizens of the world, just as it did with MacPaint back in 2010. It’s

Jim Balsillie sells his 5.1 percent stake in BlackBerry

Jim Balsillie, the former co-CEO of Research in Motion (now known as BlackBerry), has been until recently the third-largest shareholder in the company with 5.1 percent ownership. According to Financial Post, however, he’s cut his stake in BlackBerry altogether, now reporting a grand total of zero shares. Balsillie stepped down as co-CEO in January and