April Fools’ Day: the Internet’s best techy pranks


Today is April Fools’ Day so don’t take everything you read at face value. Practical jokers as they are, Google is pulling a bunch of April Fools’ Day pranks so a lot of people will find it difficult to read today’s headlines without disbelieving them. Google’s jokes range from the Google Nose Beta button in search (“Smelling is believing”) to Google Treasure Maps, a new mapping product to help you find treasure in cities to YouTube closing down after eight years.

They aren’t the only ones, other brands pulled pranks of their own. Heck, companies are even issuing press releases with April Fools’ Day announcements. I’ve included more stuff right after the break, like Gmail Blue, a Google Maps Street View feature which lets you decorate your house with themes, a Lumia-branded microwave oven, the Samsung Eco Tree and lots more…


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Brianna Dike

Brianna Dike

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