Archos releases free version of Android Video Player, placates penny-pinching cinephiles

Archos Video Player Android app now has a free version, pennypinching movie lovers rejoice

While there’s no dearth of video playing apps available on Android, French outfit Archos‘ $5 offering stands out as an especially feature-rich option. For those that shied away from the Archos Video Player just because of the outlay involved however, there’s now a free version up for grabs. Supported by ads, it provides all the functionality of its premium cousin, including hardware-accelerated encoding, ability to play network content and online retrieval of movie information like posters and subtitles. Entertainment aficionados can snag the goods at the source link for the unarguable cost of zero, and likely spend the saved scratch on some high-definition bird-slinging action instead.

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Via: Android Central

Source: Google Play

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