Are Foldable Phones The Future?

The Flip phones have gone by, followed by popular Smartphone’s and its long exhaustive line in our competitive cell phone world. Now, for something to break the ice even further, the industry has announced the arrival of foldable phones adhering to unimaginable technology and superseding expectations.

Samsung's future foldable phone

Samsung, in specific, has taken this initiative. Surprisingly, it has already introduced analysts to its two prototypes of foldable phones. One resembles the Samsung S3 and can be folded into half like a compact. Another looks like a lengthy wallet that could be folded out to form a tablet computer. To add to this prospective ease, it is said to be featuring thin plastic Ultra HD screens for best ever resolution.  The completion is estimated at the end of 2015 by Samsung.

To think of phones that could bend and flex to personal needs, certainly a potential technology is on its way. In fact, the whole catch of the venture is to make the portability and display as convenient as possible. Moreover, foldable phones promise durability due to their indomitable, scratch-free frame. But, doing more than that, foldable phones might entirely change the way we interact with our devices. Twist, turn, stretch the screen or have the display on your wrists.

It sounds as if foldable phones could be our need in the future. A recent report by Visiongain suggests “The global flexible display screen market will reach US $260.3 million this year” but guarantees the technology to be a benchmark for mobile devices by 2018. According to HIS’s optimistic report, foldable phones as advancement in our lives may generate massive revenue for their anticipated user-friendliness.

As far as the techno-giant’s race is concerned, it is full-fledged on. Manufacturers like Nokia, LG, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Phillips, Sharp, and Toshiba are working on the technology to have their devices put forward in the market first. Samsung and LG are at the forefront with Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex, which are extremely immature models in the line.

LG G FlexSamsung Galaxy Round Smartphone

For Samsung, who showed-off their foldable phone’s prototype with a deadline attached to its production, analysts feel that the pieces can give Samsung the much wanted competitive edge they had been looking for. Development on the OLED’s and other components of the phone may take time, but analysts agree that Samsung can finally deliver the technology. And when it does, our worlds will go whizz-whirling with another revolution on our desks.

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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