B2B Mobile Hospitality Platform GuestDriven Raises $3 Million To Grow Platform

GuestDriven, the B2B travel start-up company based in Montreal (Canada), is a mobile hospitality platform that gives hospitality brands the opportunity to engage with their guests and give them a better hospitality experience. With the possibilities of analyzing customers’ behavior, spending powers, interests and more GuestDriven is the perfect mobile platform for the hospitality industry to create brand awareness, loyalty and brand advocacy.


The company has now raised a substantial amount of $3 million to further grow their platforms. Major companies invested in GuestDriven, such as: Plaza Ventures, Real Ventures, Structure Capital. Other investors were Tony Cohen (CEO of Global Edge Investments), Bob McDonald ( president and CEO of Maritz Loyalty), Peter Kern (Expedia board member), John Granger (COO of Drake Hotels) and Joe Poulin (CEO of Luxury Retreats).

“GuestDriven is part of a new generation of Canadian startups focused on successful data-driven products,” said Real Ventures’ John Stokes. “Their platform is an entirely new way for hotels to do business with their guests and for guests to experience hotel stays, using streams of data untapped in an integrated fashion before now.

While only being a startup, GuestDriven has already more than 115 hospitality properties making use of its service every day. The reason why investors see a huge potential in the mobile platform is not only because it gives the customer the ultimate experience, it also increases hotels’ revenues and on-premise order, both stimulating sales.


For more information about GuestDriven’s services, click here.

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