Best Apps for Moms

The best apps for moms won’t clutter her phone or repeat features, but provide unique features to help busy moms. See how just three apps can improve mom’s day in all sorts of ways!



It’s challenging to get your child (even harder with more than one!) to the latest activity or newest friend’s house. HopSkipRide will pair your child (above the age of seven) with drivers that have passed multiple screenings for safety- including a finger print test and a driver’s report. Added security measures also mean that drivers wear a HopSkipDrive T-shirt, cars have HopSkipDrive flags, and the driver/rider have a designated password/phrase (picked by your kid!). Using the free app, parents can also track the car’s location.

However calling HopSkipDrive a”Uber for kids” is a bit of a stretch since rides need to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance. HopSkipDrive also uses different pricing policies, like pre-ordered packages and a $5 charge for each additional child, but HopSkipDrive does not charge surge prices for busier times. While HopSkipDrive is only available in the greater Los Angeles area, we suspect the app will travel far quickly. Created by three moms, the company “obsesses” over child safety. To learn more, visit HSD’s FAQs.



It only takes one, free account to keep your family organized and connected. Your digital family calendar can set reminders, sync with existing calendars, and use color coding. Continue to designate responsibilities by assigning chores or creating to-do lists. Cozi also added a meal planning option, so users can store recipes to later schedule meals and organize shopping lists everyone can access. Cozi’s efficient communication will cut down on unnecessary phone calls and messages. Furthermore, the Cozi Gold version removes advertisements and shares additional features like contacts and design themes.



worry lessNow that you’ve scheduled car rides and organized your entire family’s planner, what about you? When you finally have ten minutes to yourself- meditate. Meditating will help you balance anxiety and stress, not to mention help with sleep, creativity and communication. Headspace recommends finding time in the morning for Andy, the creator, to walk you through a centering ten minutes. It’s a healthy way to recharge for another busy day- giving yourself some well-deserved “me” time.¬†Only the first ten sessions are free, but Headspace offers monthly packages at discounted rates.



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