Best Calorie Tracking Apps

An unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is posing a number of threats to the human body. What to eat; what not to eat; when to eat and how to eat are some of the perplexing questions that many ‘scholars’ will fail to answer.

The two ‘Di’s: Diet and Digestion are perhaps the most important aspects related to every human being. Keeping a track of what you eat and how long it takes to digest is of the utmost importance. It’s time that we start monitoring our daily calorie consumption. To make this task easier for you, many mobile calorie tracking apps have hit the marketplace. Below are the best android and iOS apps for you. So, let’s begin!

Calorie Tracking Apps

1. Lose It!

There is hardly anything that you cannot do with Lose It! After installing the app, you will be prompted to a screen where you will be asked to fill out your age, height, weight and target weight. That’s it. Every time you are to eat anything; select that food from the pre-installed library of foods. Keep repeating the same process throughout the day to generate a calorie consumption chart. This way, you can compare charts for every day or week or rather months. The app is enabled with the barcode scanner feature, which will allow you to add ‘new’ foods to your database.

calorie tracking apps lose it

2. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is another great calorie tracking app. In addition to food, this app also takes into consideration your daily workout and exercise. So, with My fitness Pal, you can not only look at your calorie consumption graphs but also the number of calories you burn daily.

calorie tracking apps my fitness pal

3. SparkPeople Calorie Counter & Weight Loss

A few years ago, this third app was given the status of: the best calorie counter app on the market. This app provides a modern and Facebook-like friend feed, an easy to use search function, a simple copy-paste option, and a bar-code scanner for easy use.

calorie tracking apps spark people

4. Fooducate

This app is more for nutrition-conscious people. Instead of making charts, the app will give you numerical values for every food in terms of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. Again, the bar-code scan feature will help in scanning the packaged foods. The app further alerts you about the presence of allergens, if any, in your food.

calorie tracking apps fooducate

5. Calorie Counter and Food Diary by MyNetDiary

The name of this app is very apt, as the app does just the things given in the title. In addition, My Net Diary will let you track up to 45 micronutrients. The ability to take a photo of your food and have it added to the database is the icing on the cake to this mobile app.

calorie tracking apps my net diary

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