Best Christian Apps!

Religion is a powerful tool that can connect and unite people across many states and countries. However, it can sometimes be difficult to reach out to fellow Christians and get to know them on a more personal level. Technology is here to help with that! We have compiled a list of some of the best Christian apps on the market for Bible verses, dating, and daily inspiration.


Bible Verses

In this day and age of small, light, hand-held technology, carrying around a Bible can seem bulky and inefficient. To help you still have access to your favorite Bible verses and create some space in your bag, these best Christian apps for Bible verses have compiled chapters and lists of some enlightening verses.

1. Olive Tree Bible+

olive tree bible+ christian app

This app is free, for both iPhone and Android, and is one of the most interactive Christian apps on the market. Olive Tree lets you highlight, bookmark, and save chapters and Bible verses right in the app.


2. Feast and Famine

feast and femine christian app

This is one of the best Christian apps for engaging kids and adults alike. This app in particular focuses on the story of Joseph in Egypt, and offers up plenty of Bible verses as well as math-based games for kids.


3. Scripture Typer Bible Memory

scripture typer bible memory christian app

This Christian app not only educates on Bible verses and chapters, but helps you memorize them! You can create flashcards, quizzes, and highlight verses to help commit them to memory and enhance your relationship with God.



It is not uncommon for Christians to want to connect with fellow observers of the faith and perhaps even go on a date! These are the best Christian apps for safely and positively reaching out to other single Christians and pursuing a relationship based on your mutual dedication to your faith.

1. Collide

collide christian dating app

This relatively new Christian dating app features a Tinder-style swipe platform that allows you to match up with a fellow user. However, unlike Tinder, Collide does not show any personal information (i.e. a small bio, likes and dislikes, etc.) until you and your match engage in a private chat.


2. Crosspaths

crosspaths christian dating app

Crosspaths is also new to the best Christian apps scene, and its creators are conveniently also the founders of Christian Mingle, the world’s largest Christian dating site. Crosspaths has you take a short quiz at the beginning to describe your faith and ideal traits in a partner. From there, you are matched with those who fit your description, and you can choose to chat with any of them.


3. Christian Mingle

christian mingle dating app

Speaking of Christian Mingle, the website has created its own app for those who prefer the traditional interface. This app boasts many users, with a high chance of finding someone you would be excited to go out on a date with.


Daily Inspiration

It is important to remain inspired by your Christian faith, but on busy days it can be hard to find time to devote to finding those exceptionally meaningful aspects of religion. These are some of the best Christian apps to help you quickly and helpfully find some daily faith inspiration.

1. DVO

DVO - daily bible devotionals inspirational best christian apps

This Christian Daily Devotion app offers up plenty of inspiring Bible verses, facts about the Christian faith, and motivational sayings to get you through even the most trying of days.


2. Bible Lock Screens

bible lock screens inspirational christian app

If you are really pressed for time in your busy lifestyle, but still want to incorporate faith into your routine, download Bible Lock Screens. This app provides users with tons of creative, pretty, and motivational Christian-themed lock and home screens for your smartphone.


3. Questions to God

questions to god inspirational best christian apps

This is absolutely one of the best Christian apps out there due to its highly philosophical nature. This app simply presents to you questions that are commonly asked to God. Although there is no right answer, this app does a great job of keeping users inspired and always growing within their faith.


Using apps to help enrich one’s faith is an important aspect of growing within the Christian practice. We hope you have found this list helpful and can now enjoy a new Christian app or two. What are some of the best Christian apps you have come across? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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