Best Dating App: Avocado – for Couples

Top Mobile Trends wanted to share another awesome mobile dating app, but this one is for couples, rather than for finding a date! Avocado, is the fun, private, and secure app for couples to stay connected. Send messages, share calendars and lists, send photos, and much more! It’s just for you two. It features a really nice layout and design, with user friendly menus.

I think this could be seen as “mushy” and “sappy“, but this seems to be a favorite for long-distance relationships! Dating apps have taken app stores by storm, and it’s nice to see an app for after the “find a date” stage!


So… Why an Avocado?

Avocado trees don’t self-pollinate — they need another tree nearby to bear fruit. The fruit itself grows in pairs on the trees, and Avocados are Aztec symbols of love & fertility. Also, we just think it’s cute, and tasty!
Watch the video to get the jist of the app!

Get a room

Chat built for two.

You’ll know by our heart icon what’s been happening so messages from your favorite person can catch your attention. ♥

  • See when a message was read
  • See when the other person is typing
  • Photos & Sketches
  • Lists and events
  • Shared links



Grocery, gifts…done

Goodbye, messy piles of paper clutter.

Changes to any list are easily seen by both of you. Any tasks you do together get much easier with Avocado.

  • Perfect for shopping
  • Check to complete
  • Images
  • Re-order
  • Pin stuff from the web

It’s a date!

Stay in sync with each other.

Keep your favorite person in the loop with upcoming dinner dates, appointments, parties, galas, shindigs, hootenannies, and your big vacation. Never skip a beat again.

  • See month to month
  • Assign to one or both of you
  • Always up-to-date
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly events


Draw something

Make art for your favorite person.

We mustache you to try Sketching and Stickers. Made for the artist or scribbler in all of us. Doodle over a favorite photo or start on a blank canvas with a full palette of colors and a barrel full of stickers. Mullet over, will you?

  • Colors, pens, hair, glasses, mustaches
  • More mustaches
  • Put stickers on your own photos
  • …or on an image you found on the web


Worth 1000 words

Your private photo book.

Each photo you take is a way to connect with someone you hold close. And you can feel more comfortable sharing your photos knowing that only your favorite person will see them.

  • Upload from anywhere
  • Share to Twitter or Facebook only if you want
  • Draw on your photos


Need a hug or kiss?

Let someone know you love them.
Brighten their day.

  • Many kisses at once
  • On their face
  • You know you want to do it
  • Hold the phone to your chest
  • Omg, am I really doing this?
  • Smiles guaranteed




Have you downloaded and tried Avocado?

Do you enjoy it, or do you think it’s too sappy?

Let us know!

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