Best Dating App: CiaoYou!

You’ve certainly been in a similar situation before: you get on the train and you spot a hottie, but you didn’t get a chance to talk. How can you know if you will ever see him again? Or you’ve noticed the girl of your dreams driving by, how can you possibly ever connect with her? Thanks to CiaoYou, you can!

How does it work?




Just download the free app, fill in the details of the encounter and CiaoYou will do the rest! You can even post a free message about the encounter to increase chances of meeting your Mr./Ms. Mystery!  If someone contacts CiaoYou, the app will let you know and you’ll have the chance to send that person a special message at the rate of £0.69.


Maybe this is the dating app  many of us have been waiting for! I mean, we do see many attractive people from day to day that we would like to talk to and get to know better, right? And now, we finally have to option to do so.


Download the app now for free for iOS and Android! Make sure to leave your thoughts about CiaoYou! in the comments section below!




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