Best Dating App, What Not To Do: HotYooToo

Every week, Top Mobile Trends features a dating app. Online (and mobile app) Dating has increased in popularity over the years, and seems to be part of the dating norm now. This week, our Featured Best Dating App is more.. well, How-Not-to-Do Dating app. The app is HotYooToo, an Instagram based mobile-app.

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Users link their HotYooToo account with their Instagram feed indicate age, gender, interested-in gender and city, then select photos from their Instagram feed to build their PhotoProfile.

A users PhotoProfile includes their “looks” – photos of them, and other categories including my dream, weekends, transport, home, sport, hobby, food, trips, music, friends, pet, work and others. Once you’ve built out your profile it’s time to start ‘kindling sparks’.

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Although the app is good in concept – being able to show photos of your hobby, dreams, favorite music etc, would surely make for better matches BUT it has some major flaws.

Firstly, in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store it mentions being able to see your ‘fans’ – however this comes at a price..

  • 1 month: $9.99 p/month
  • 3 months: $7.99 p/month
  • 6 months: $5.70 p/month

Why advertise it as a part of the app when it’s actually an add-on sale?


Secondly, you can’t narrow down the age, location or gender of your ‘choices’….kind of creepy when you think about the range of ages on Instagram. There is not even an “18 or older” protocol.

Finally, not everyone you’re shown is actually ON HotYooToo – they might just have a public Instagram account.

What happens if you click ‘like’ to a non-HotYooToo member? You get prompted if you’d like to invite them to the app…again a little bit too creepy for our liking at Top Mobile Trends. Who wants random requests to join dating apps from creepers who have looked through your photos??



When I first heard about HotYooToo I was pretty excited, especially about the prospect of being able to see my ‘fans’ – but after testing the app and getting creeped out WAY too many times, I have to say it’s the worst one yet. Do yourself a favor and give this one a miss.

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

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