Best Dating Apps Series: Lulu

Lulu App IconSo its not technically a dating app, but since it involves matters of the heart we decided it could count for our Best Dating Apps Series. Also sorry dudes but this one is only for the ladies! Lulu is a girls only “private network to share insights on love and life.”  Though you sign in via your Facebook Lulu says “your privacy is their top priority” and that they will NEVER post to your Facebook. Lulu is the self-proclaimed first-ever network to unleash the value of girl talk and empower girls to make smarter decisions, starting with relationships. But to cut all the jargon Lulu is basically a modern-day burn book, an opportunity to rate and review guys. Though rating guys is a little high school and seriously immature Lulu does it in the classiest way possible.

Best Dating Apps Lulu

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Once you have found the guy you want to rate, and you do this through a Facebook or campus search, you are prompted with questions, some of which are multiple choice and some of  which are select all that apply. In addition Lulu asks on what terms are you rating him, for example, is he an ex, a friend or a hookup, etc. Once you have completed the survey, which is pretty fun to fill out, Lulu calculates a rating. Thus all a viewer see when looking up info about a guy is his number rating, who he has been rated by (ie. 1 ex, and 2 hookups–no names) and a few hashtags. The hashtags you pick out at the end of your survey, Lulu provides a list of 40 or so hashtags to pick from, hashtags include #MommasBoy, #AlwaysHappy, #TotalMess, #SuperSweet, #HotFriends, etc.  Lulu has a lot more to it than I am able to describe so if you find yourself curious it is definitely worth the download.

Lulu also provides a few additional features like “Brutally honest, hilarious advice from the Dude” and “Search by college to find your guy.” I believe Lulu is 100% anonymous and that your secrets are safe, and though it isn’t totally disdainful or slanderous I am sure glad there is not a version for guys.


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By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

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