Best Dating Apps: Twine

Twine Dating App 1We continue our best dating apps series with Twine.  Twine differentiates itself from the rest of the dating apps by focusing on anonymity. Though Twine pulls information from your Facebook, your name and picture(your picture is blurred) remain hidden. Twine matches you on your command, all you have to do is hit “Find new Twine.” It than shows you a blurred image and you and your matches “Twine compatibility.” Your compatibility is decided by your mutual interests which you can pick while setting up your Twine profile. You are allotted 9 mutual interests which you find by searching the Twine interest database–which seems to be endless.

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Once matched, the only thing you can see is your Twine’s location, age, and selected interests.  You are then encouraged to chat anonymously. On their website Twine writes, “Twine empowers you to flirt first and engage in conversation before you decide to reveal yourself. We always pick the highest quality matches based on our intelligent matching algorithm and deliver the right connections to you.” They even provide you with a choice of “icebreakers” related to your mutual interests such as, “What’s your favorite Game of Thrones episode?”

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If you and your match are hitting it off you can decide to mutually reveal yourselves. Either match has the option to send a reveal request, and if the request is accepted your pictures, and information become visible in an explosion of glittery stars. The app is fluid and fun to play around with. The anonymous aspect is nice because you are forced to ignore the physical aspect of meeting new people.

Lastly its free in the App Store and Google Play Store!






By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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