Best GPS Apps That Work Offline

Nothing is more frustrating than you losing own your location during times of travel, you know those times when we cannot figure out as to where to make the next exit. At such times, most people would make use of the GPS apps on their phones. But what if you are in an area that has limited or no network connectivity?

This concern makes it a must to have an offline GPS app that would come in handy during times of ‘crises’.

Let’s have a look at the best GPS app options on the android and iOS platforms.


1. Google Maps

Probably 6 or so months ago, Google Maps didn’t have the option to store maps offline. Perhaps, the stiff competition offered by rival Here Maps (now Here WeGo on android and iOS) made Google reconsider their strategies when it comes to the field of navigation. As a result, we ‘now’ have the feature that we had been longing for.

bbest gps apps google maps

2. Here Maps

Here Maps is in no way inferior to the former, however, GMaps received the No.1 position – owing to the number of ‘loyal’ android and iPhone users that it holds. While Here Maps may be used more on the Windows Platform, it still comes in handy as you can download the map of an entire country.

3. Sygic

Sygic, though ‘officially’ available on both Android and iOS platforms, seems more popular on the latter. Of course, Sygic offers offline maps, but the feature that sets it apart is its ‘high-definition maps’, which are now available for most countries. According to statistics, GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic is The world’s most installed offline GPS navigation app.

best gps maps sygicc

4. Maps.Me

Maps.Me has garnered really good ratings on both the platforms possibly because of its clean & simple user interface. Initially, Maps.Me was a paid app on the Google Play Store, but a flood of free apps forced the developers into making it free.

5. Waze GPS Maps & Traffic

Waze is a unique map; an app which is dependent more on the people of the community. With Waze, you can report anything related to routes: like traffic, accidents, police checkpoints, etc.

Again, this app also has a very lovely interface. Being an active community member on Waze will fetch you points which in itself is a fun thing to do.

So, there you go, hopefully, this list of the best navigation apps proves helpful. Keep trying these apps one by one and find the best as per your needs. Happy Navigation !

best gps apps waze

6. Navmii GPS World (Navfree)

Like Maps.Me, Navmii has a sleek, stylish & simple interface. Additionally, its voice navigation system is top-notch. However, unlike others, the app gets few updates. Navmii is one of those ‘underdog’ apps, which have so much potential but deliver quite less than what is expected.

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