Best Phones for Teens

Best Phones for Teens

It seems as though phones are the hottest accessory for teens these days. From snapchatting to texting, every teenager wants to be in the know about what’s going on and what the hottest trends are. However, phones are expensive, fragile, and can pose privacy risks when not used with caution. These are some of the best phones for teens thanks to lower cost and some parental control features.


best smart phone for teens - iphone

This may seem like an obvious choice for any smartphone user, but the iPhone has multiple features that make it one of the best phones for teens. First, there are multiple different phone cases and screen covers that all but ensure the phone’s safety. Lifeproof and Otterbox cases even provide lifetime warranty for their super-rugged iPhone covers. Secondly, multiple parental control apps such as Forcefield allow parents to control data usage, wifi-usage, and even app-usage.

LG Cosmos 3

lg cosmos 3

If you are looking to get your teenager a simpler phone, one of the best phones for teens is the LG Cosmos 3. This easy-to-use phone offers a clear, bright screen and QWERTY texting. The phone also has internet access and a few basic apps. Without the temptation of social media, your teen will not constantly be staring at their phone screen. This phone is also provided by Verizon, so if you have an existing Verizon plan this phone is extremely affordable.

Motorola NEW MOTO E

best mobile phones for teens moto e 2

Motorola is making a comeback in the world of smartphones with its teen-friendly NEW MOTO E 2nd generation. This phone is roughly $80 and provides a wide screen and a smartphone-esque platform that lacks any confusing apps that may come standard in other smartphones. The phone is also thicker than typical smartphones, meaning it is less likely to crack or break. Lastly, Motorola is currently working on adding tech like clip-on camera lenses to its repertoire, so this best phone for teens will have features no other smartphone has.

BLU Dash J

best mobile phones for teens

Teens love personalizing their accessories.  This makes our list of best phones for teens because the phone has a no-frills platform and comes in fun colors like pink. The Dash J is the perfect first phone for your teenager because it is tough, has limited apps, but still has data capabilities and internet access. Plus, you can’t beat the $35 price tag. This phone can be purchased at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, so you won’t have to travel too far to get to a wireless store.

Galaxy Express 3

best mobile phones for teens


The Samsung Galaxy Express 3 is just shy of some of the more powerful processors contained in the more high-tech Galaxy phones. This is one of the best phones for teens because it looks and acts just like a top-of-the-line smartphone, but is scaled down to the processing power that a teen would need. There are app, data, and wifi capabilities as well as the option for parental controls. Plus, a $50 price tag from AT&T means your teen can even save up to purchase it by his/herself.

Having a phone today is important for safety and staying connected. Purchase one of these best phones for teens to help introduce them to technology and safe social media practices.

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