Best Photo Editing Apps- Feeling Artsy Today?

We may not be proud to admit it but taking photos, and shortly there after editing those photos for better quality, better focus, or better lighting has become a large part of what it means to take a picture these days. So how do you stay up to date on these photo trends? Well, you need the best photo editing Apps.

In my mind, it all began when Instgram let us, “pick a filter.” Today, photo editing is simple, fast, and really something that anyone can do. So, let’s take a closer look at four apps that are very well known for their photo editing features.


Today we are going to look at the cream of the crop when it comes to the best photo editing Apps. we have: Afterlight, ProCam, Enlight, and Fragment


1. First up,  Afterlight, side note, I am a proud and satisfied owner of this photo editing App. Anyway, on the App Store, Afterlight has a 4.5 star customer rating and can be purchased for $0.99. The app comes heavily furnished with 15 adjustment tools, 74 filters, 78 textures, cropping and transformation tools such as rotating, flipping, double exposure, and straightening, and last but certainly not least, 128 adjustable frames. A customer review of this photo editing App claims that Afterlight is, “great for prepping photos for Instagram and other social media quickly and on your phone.”




2. Next up we have ProCam, at a price of $3.99 on the App Store and a holder of a 4.5 star customer review, let’s see just how “pro” it is. The ProCam photo editing App pushes the limits of the  iOS photographer by offering what makers say is unparalleled control and quality. This pricey App offers DSLR-like and real camera functionality, along with full-featured editing capabilities for not just pictures, but also videos. ProCam is also compatible with Apple Watch. The latest version of the App is titled: ProCam 3, reviewers of the app claim that ProCam is, “well-designed and offering all that one could need, its tough to fault ProCam.” Fair enough, moving on!



3. Allow me to enlighten you about this next photo editing App. Get it? Introducing, Enlight, available on the App Store for $3.99 and holding steady with an almost perfect rating from customer reviews. Enlight is compatible with iPhone and iPad. The latest version of Enlight has enhanced export support, animated sessions that show workflow edits, and better flow in its general features, some of which include: cropping, refitting, targeting, duo, tilt shift and isntafit. A passionate user tells us that Enlight is, “An iPhone photographers dream app … manages to strike the right balance between traditional Photoshop-like controls and artistic filters and effects.”


4. Last, but certainly not least, we have Fragment. Fragment can be purchased on the App Store for $1.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. This photo-editing app earns a 5 star customer rating average.  The makers of Fragment took a more personal approach and remind us that everything comes back to our (the photo takers) original images and well, our imaginations. We are encouraged to release our inner artist when we use Fragment, sounds fun to me.


This App allows us to see our pictures as glass like pieces, or prisms, fragmented if you will.  This mobile app gives us the capabilities to resize, frame, drag, zoom, cop, add colors, adjust levels, blend, blur, and convert. Have I convinced you yet?  If you are looking for something new and exciting to do with your photos, Fragment is for you. To keep it short and sweet, a happy user of Fragment called it, “Amazing, versatile, and fun.”


At this point, I bet you are anxiously yearning to create some flashy photos.  I will leave you to it my fellow photographers!

Let us know what you of our favorite and best photo editing apps! Comment below.


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