Improve Your Tinder Dating with Tinder Apps

People still consider Tinder one of the best dating apps, even if only one in five matches turns into a date. The app peaked everyone’s curiosity in mobile dating— leading to more than 26 million matches. Tinder manages to stay popular, despite many new dating apps, through Tinder updates; most of the top complaints with Tinder transformed into Tinder Plus features. For example, with Tinder Plus, people can undo swipes and change location using a featured called Passport. In attempts to limit reckless swiping and spam, Tinder Plus also allows unlimited matches, whereas the free Tinder app limits the number of right swipes in a 12 hour period. However, Tinder Plus costs $9.99 per month for users under 30 and $19.99 for older users (isn’t that ageism?). The below apps act as Tinder Plus alternatives, with the top two costing less than Tinder Plus (for all ages), but offering the same functions. Take a look at the Tinder apps review and please comment below with any additional insight!


Tinder Plus alternatives, like Flame.1st place: Flame for Tinder (free to download, $2.99 for unlimited flame matches)

The Flame app for Tinder accurately informs users which accounts have already liked their profile. While browsing, a blue flame indicates an earned right swipe. Then, the Flame user can choose when they want to activate the match. So, they can match immediately. Or, if they want to delay a match on Tinder, the app can save the flame for later. This feature would be great if people want to wait until after they get back from vacation or connect after they’ve finished their work presentation. The Flame app can also help people stay under the number of matches in a 12 hour period, without paying for Tinder Plus’ unlimited or wasting time on uninterested people.


2nd place: Match Boost for Tinder (free to download, $1.99 for pro upgrade)

To approve more than one Tinder profile at a time, download Match Boost. This app for Tinder allows users to send likes up to 60 profiles at once- without swiping! This feature will be perfect for people that prefer to think about their possible matches. For example, maybe users want to scroll through their options before swiping right to someone that day. It also features an Autolike tool that runs in the background, saving time and picking matches based on filters. Users can also change location, similar to Tinder Plus’ Passport, to anywhere in the world. This feature helps people set up Tinder dates before their arrival to a new city. This sort of advanced planning can help dates go more smoothly therefore making for more enjoyable dates.Tinder Apps


3rd place: Bonfire for Tinder (free to download, $9.99 for pro)

The Bonfire app for Tinder shows you who already liked your profile, so you can choose from these accounts. Again, you can search multiple profiles at a time, but Bonfire also saves a history of matches, likes and passes so accidental swipes can be reversed. Bonfire’s version of Auto Liker works in the background to find matches even when users aren’t actively on the app. However, reported glitches in the reviews rank it lower on this list. Some users also detect that Bonfire may mislead people about the number of pre-approved accounts because it did not translate to a boost in matches. Additional Bonfire features include sending the same message to multiple people and changing location to match with people anywhere in the world. Learn more about Bonfire in a detailed review.


4th place: Swiper for Tinder (free to download, $4.99 to upgrade)

This Tinder app lets users pass profiles and change location on Tinder, not to mention load 500 profiles at once. It has 125 reviews giving it 4.5 stars, but the reviews seem fake (indicated by a repeated odd phrases like “parcel of my communication life” and “thanks to the developer”). We recommend trying one of the higher ranked apps before downloading Swiper.

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