The Best Wearables to get for the New Year

Fitness Tracker

Jawbone Up 3


The Jawbone UP24, paired with the excellent UP app was hands down the best fitness tracker of 2014. The Up3 is now water resistant up to 10 meters, tracks your heart rate 24-hrs a day and runs for a full week before requiring a recharge. There are a few other bands that track your heart-rate, like the Microsoft Band and Fitbit Charge, but the Up3 uses bioimpedance technology to track your heart rate via metal studs that are in constant contact with your skin.

The Up3 also wins because of what it promises through its bioimpedence technology – things like ambient and skin temperature readings. It looks a whole lot sleeker too.

Honorable Mention: Microsoft Band


Smart Watch

LG G Watch R


Firstly, if this was based solely on visual aesthetics, the Moto 360 would win hands down, it is by far the best looking smart watch out there. However, if you dive a bit deeper into functionality and battery life the G Watch R gets the nod, and to some, even win in the looks department. LG has made a handsome looking watch diver watch-inspired clock markings and is almost 20% thinner than the Moto 360.

The G Watch R has pretty decent battery life, easily lasting all day even with its always-on clock function. Running on a Snapdragon 400, the G Watch R has much more power under the hood compared to the Moto 360, and this shows in a much smoother performance from the LG. At the same price point as the Moto 360 at $250, the G Watch R seems to be the better bet at this time.

That said, the Apple Watch is coming out in just over a month and given Appleā€™s track record, it will more than likely be a game changer so you might want to hold off till you see what Apple have up their sleeve.


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