Best Yoga Apps To Try!

We ended up using our mobile devices for almost everything. We watch the weather, do shopping, check our inbox, access social media, and even track our fitness performances with the help of smartphones and tablets. So, why not use a yoga app to enjoy a bit of physical movement wherever you want and whenever you want?

If you don’t know how a yoga app can help you and what benefits it can bring you, here is a list of best yoga apps and their features.

1. Yoga Studio

This is a great yoga app that will give you a wide variety of yoga exercises. Whether you want to relax, get fit, or train your body’s flexibility, you will find exercises for all these purposes, and more, in the app’s library. It is true that this app doesn’t come for free, but for the small price you pay, you will enjoy plenty of exercises. And, if you like listening to music during your yoga practice, you can run the app, hear the teacher’s recommendations, and listen to your favorite iTunes songs at the same time. So yes, it can be a real deal.

Best Yoga Apps

2. Pocket Yoga

If you want to burn calories by adjusting you heart rate through physical exercises, this app will help you. It is well known the fact that professional athletes use training based on heart rate to improve their physique and stamina. Well, this can also be achieved through yoga. The app will work by synching with the monitor of your heart rate, showing you how to do it right. If you are the possessor of an iPhone 6, you can use the HealthKit, a new Apple app that could use your burned calories and heart rate to show you how your state of health looks like. The app is not free, but it is slightly cheaper than the previous one.

3. Beautiful Belly Pre & Postnatal Yoga

The perfect app for pregnant women, teaching them how to exercise in different stages of pregnancy, plus the exercises a woman can do after child birth, to redeem her strong body. The app will provide video sessions for each trimester of the pregnancy, the postures and exercises being carefully picked by a yoga instructor, Briohny Smyth. So you can be sure that the exercises will be safe for a soon-to-be mother. You should know that the exercises for the first trimester are free, a fee will be required only for each additional trimester.

4. DailyYoga

Are you always short on time? This is probably the best excuse to avoid physical exercises. Well, not anymore, because this is an app that will provide yoga training sessions that are under 30 minutes. Thus, it will fit even in the busiest schedules.  You will have 50 different classes to enjoy, each of them allowing you to work on a particular part of your body. Time won’t be an excuse anymore to look and feel great. And when you know that the app is for free, there will be no excuse at all.

Best Yoga Apps


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