Bizzare Breakup App Shryne

The plethora of dating apps, like Tinder, Bumble, Twine, aim to create new relationship, but Shryne stands alone in its mission to document previous relations. By accessing Facebook photos, Instagram posts, texts, emails and more, users can store all of their digital interactions with an ex in one feed. Then, if users find themselves obsessing over the feed too often, they can freeze it for a year. Because that’s the healthiest way to get over someone.



Using this app for an ex would be psychotic.¬†Partly because it’s creepy. Partly because it takes a lot of time to set up. For each platform, users have to decide which specific content (like individual pictures on Facebook) to import before assigning to a profile. But, why does anyone need to create an all-access feed to every online exchange with an ex? It’s the “ex shoebox” 2.0; instead of old love notes, exchanged gifts and physical photos, it’s social media engagements. Yet, the shoebox scenario is probably healthier because of it’s limited accessibility; revisiting past relationship memories on your phone when traveling or eating lunch is way too problematic. And it raises concerns with how tech has affected mental health.


Ok, the app ¬†allows users to also add friends, family members, acquaintances and current partners, but it’s primarily marketed for exes. Finding the app on a current partner’s phone would certainly be the jackpot for snooping. But keeping an app for exes will likely only create more. Having an app on your phone called Shryne doesn’t scream “I’m over my ex!” What do you think of the app and what do you think it says about dating with technology?

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