The worst Android bloatware on US smartphone manufacturers and carriers!

Most Android phones come with useless software/apps that are pre-installed by the device manufacturer and/or your carrier (looking at you Samsung and Verizon). This is what we call “bloatware” and it takes up valuable storage space on your device and drain your battery by running discreetly in the background.


To give you an example, we’ve made a list of software that comes pre-installed on a brand new, carrier-neutral, Samsung Galaxy S5. Ready?

  1. 1. Samsung Touchwiz

  2. 2. Samsung S-voice

  3. 3. Samsung account

  4. 4. Samsung Books

  5. 5. Samsung Cloud Data Relay

  6. 6. Samsung Cloud Quota

  7. 7. Samsung Games

  8. 8. Samsung Hub

  9. 9. Samsung KNOX

  10. 10. Samsung Link

  11. 11. Samsung Music

  12. 12. Samsung Push Service

  13. 13. Samsung SBrowser Bookmark SyncAdapter

  14. 14. Samsung Smart Scroll

  15. 15. S-Health

  16. 16. Download Booster


Samsung has also stated that the S5 will come with $200 worth of apps pre-installed on the device, which would add to the above list significantly. The fact that the 16GB Galaxy S5 comes with “only” 10.7GB usable storage shows you the full extent of valuable storage space that bloatware takes up.

That said, Samsung is not the only manufacturer that loads its devices with bloatware. Far from it. Companies like HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and every other android manufacturer are just as egregious with their bloatware.

Adding to the already extensive bloatware list from the device manufacturers, cellular carriers have gotten into the mix with their own pre-installed apps. Some of these apps are downright impossible to remove and cause havoc with your battery life.

Below is a table of the big 4 cellular carriers with a list of their bloatware. Sprint even preloads a NASCAR app!


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