Can I Have Your (DNA Dating) Number?

datingdnafeaturedphotoDating DNA does not use an exact science to offer matches. However, by recording answers to almost 300 questions, the company does gathers precise information to find potential matches. Instead of calling itself an online dating website, Dating DNA describes itself as “a tool to help you determine your level of compatibility with those you meet.”


Similar to a chemistry class weeding out freshmen from the pre-med track, Dating DNA hopes to discourage any flakes by requiring the completion of a thorough survey. The survey- estimated to take about 20 minutes- makes sure that members are committed to the mission of the company. The questions are organized in three categories to determine a compatibility score:

1. What you are like? (How tall are you? Where do you live? What religion are you? Do you smoke?)

2. What your criteria is for meeting someone? (Would you date a smoker? How financially stable should they be? What body type would you date?)

3. How much weight do you place on each criteria? (Which criteria matter most to you? Would you NEVER date a smoker, or just prefer not to?)


The survey is used to generate a compatibility score, between the numbers 0-10, which is used to evaluate a pair’s potential. Then, users can set their own compatibility threshold, for example only showing matches above 7, so that your profile will only appear to people that meet your criteria and visa versa. Additionally, you can see how your compatibility score competes against other people matched with the same person.



Each user is given a unique Dating DNA number operating as an identification number. Dating DNA numbers can be used to search specific people, or to identify new matches. Dating DNA encourages users to share this online (on personal social media sites) and offline (offering an alternative to giving a phone number to a stranger at a club) to boost activity. The app is a condensed version of the online website. However, if you choose to join using the app rather than the website, fewer questions will be asked which results in a limited version. Where as the app is free for members, the website charges a one time fee of $4.99. The app also allows people to send messages. Additionally, messages can be edited until the moment the other person opens it (giving you plenty of time to fix a typo or reconsider a pick up line)


datingdnaappThe website and app each feature a “Friends List,” where profiles are stored as a digital black book. To organize the list, members can choose from compatibility score, login date, joined date and location. To personalize the list, members can add a private rating (that only the grader can see) and personal notes (to log comments about conversations and meetings).

In addition to survey responses, profiles include pictures, links to social media sites and an email option. Users can even upload YouTube videos, showcasing their interests from skateboarding to conducting makeup tutorials. Below each profile is the survey results separated into two columns to compare your answers to your match’s responses. The lists are color coded:  green (agreed), yellow (somewhat agreed), and no color (disagree). By hovering over each list, users can see the specific answers to the survey. With Dating DNA’s original survey and detailed profiles, people looking for potential partners have yet another digital resource.

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