What We Can Expect From Apple’s Newest Mobile OS: iOS 8

Apple has long been considered one of the top names in mobile computing in general, and mobile operating systems in specific. This trend is expected to continue in full with the release of their newest incarnation of their flagship mobile OS, iOS 8.

iOS 8 has been codenamed “Okemo” is expected to make its first debut this coming June at the WWDC, or World Wide Developer Conference. The expected release date for the general public is slated for November of 2014.

Let’s take a look at some of the top features slated to appear in Okemo, many of which are sure to be a welcome sight by Apple users the world over.

Healthbook: Apple has decided to jump on the healthy bandwagon with the Healthbook app, which is set to be incorporated directly into Okemo. Healthbook records different important pieces of information, such as how many steps you have taken and calories you have burned. Combine this with additional pieces of personal medical information you can enter, and you have the perfect way to keep track of your health.iOS-8-2

Photo Stream: While Photo Stream already exists in iOS 7, its capabilities could increase exponentially. Instead of the temp storage option it is now, it could potentially become a permanent place to back up all of your stored images.

Maps: Historically, Apple Maps has been somewhat of a sub-par service, especially when compared to Google Maps. New information suggests that actual public transportation information for buses, trains and subways will be included in iOS 8.

Siri: One of the most popular features of previous versions of iOS, Siri, is also set to receive added functionality in iOS 8. This will primarily be accomplished by allowing Siri to directly interact with most third-party apps.

What kind of cool, new features do you wish they would put into future incarnations of iOS? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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