Chromecast: Which Apps are supported?

What is actually Chromecast for a layman? It is the world of online video viewing using your HDTV and (as limitations of human mind) the only area Google has left to spread its reach. Its official website Chromecast-Google defines it as “Chromecast is the simplest approach to enjoy online video and music on your Television. Plug it up into any HDTV and manage it with your available smartphone, tablet, or laptop.” There you need different applications to cast on Chromecast so that you can view videos.

Updated in mid-December last year, this current 2.1 MB medium requires Android versions 2.3 or higher. The YouTube videos can be simply watched on your HDTV by plugging the Chromecast into the port slots of your devices and can enjoy the internet videos directly on larger screens.

Apps supported on chromecast

Many say it is an alternative to Bluray. By using Chromecast, your TV suddenly becomes a smart TV. The apps that can be casted on Chromecast include Pandora, Netflix, Sonzga, VEVO, Hulu and so on.

The more apps it supports, the better it becomes. Till date, it has support of worldwide famous apps with YouTube, Pandora, NetFlix etc. It is still in its early stages and there are many adaptations required to get an ideal technology.

However, it is disappointing that personal videos cannot be played with that great efficiency. Let us see some user-reviews those have used the Chromecast.

Reviews by users

Jay Noble comments, “I use the app with my phone (Kyocera Hydro Edge) to Chromecast with NO issues. However when I use with Barnes and Noble HD+, the app running Chromecast extension crashes. It won’t run anything except the Google Play store.”

Angel Gutierrez has some audio problems regarding the same. She says. “There are a few audio problems when I run Chromecast with YouTube, Pandora and other apps. The only app that works fine for me is Netflix. I’ll hear maybe a split second of voice followed some seconds of silence and then repeat. I get frustrated.”

HBO Go in google chromecast

Nathan Cunningham is not frustrated and says the apps that he can cast on Chromecast are Netfix, YouTube and HBO Go. He exclaims, “My dumb TV turned smart TV. Please include more apps.  I give 5/5 to it. My $35 is worth it.”

For information, Chromecast hardware piece is available for $35 and as per as Chromecast reviews, Netflix works the best. Although some have casted Google TV, YouTube other apps, the invention is just beginning to flourish. Yes, in the coming upgrade, it may add more app support and may get a lot better.

A report by Jared Newman, Techland Time, suggests the other app-support that can be included in the near future is Aero, AOL On, BitCasa, Vimeo, Rdio (according to service’s official help forum), AllCast (according to developer Koushik Dutta).

Have you tried it out yet?

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