Connectidy: Innovative Dating App with Emotional Intelligence

Millions of people turn to dating apps on daily basis with hopes to find the love of their lives in those communities. It’s an easy way to connect with new people and narrow the pool of potential candidates by categorizing them based on your personal interests. This seems like an efficient and quick process which ideally must lead everyone to eternal love. However, there are many flaws that often get in a way such as lack of verification of profiles and accuracy of information provided by the users. Fortunately, there’s an innovative dating app for adults in the dating app market, Connectidy, that will take care of all of these issues. Wonder how? Take a look.
“We employ 3-way user verification, so we know our users are who they say they are.” -Connectidy
innovative dating app


Dating applications’ reality is that an enormous amount of dating app users’ profiles are falsified. Most dating sites and apps have at least 10% of profiles that are fake. Since profiles are not verified, users can lie almost about anything on them: from their age to their actual identity. If you’ve ever watched Catfish, you’re probably familiar with situations where a middle-schooler runs a profile for a thirty-year old man looking to settle down. People spend months engaging with that user, planning out their future, all to lead to a climax where you find out you’ve been lied to for months and the plans that you’ve set out for yourself all go to dust.

To tackle this issue, Connectidy will take each user through a verification process. Before any user can begin looking for their matches, they will have to answer a few questions to verify their location and age.


“We demonstrate how personal preferences affect a user’s pool of potential matches.” -Connectidy

When the new Connectidy users begin creating their profiles, they are asked questions to determine their personality. Dependending on their answers, users are analyzed in these five categories: openness, extraversion, emotional range, agreeableness, conscientiousness. Only after the individual is able to review their results and evaluate their personality, they are allowed to start getting matches.

Additionally, the user can enter the traits that they are looking for in another person. Based on those requirements, the dating app gives the user a visualization of how many people have those specific traits and are compatible with them. This way the person learns instantaneously on what are their chances on meeting their ideal partner on this dating service.


“What if there was a way to be matched with someone through a system that actually understands personality rather than persona?: -Connectidy

Connectidy is empowered with emotional intelligence. It will analyze people not only on what they write but also on how they write it. Connectidy reads users as they are instead of dictating them on how they should be if they want to find someone. This system will help people to create a profile that truly represent their personalities; hence, help users connect with people who truly match with their personalities.

This innovative dating service will be “a solution for real people who want real relationships.”With its emotional intelligence, Connectidy will cut through the surface of what people want to show online to the actual personalities of users. It will prevent many upcoming heartbreaks and disappointments that are often generated from usual online dating.



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